Season 4, Ep 38 - Cowboy World: Escape

Season 4, Ep 38 - Cowboy World: Escape
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date August 7, 2022
Episode no. S04E38
Episode Link
Hosts Arnie, Champ, Ulysses
Guests Miss Quibbert, Solomon Ragoon
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Sage G.C.
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Additional music Aric Jacover
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"Cowboy World: Flowers the Orphan" "Together Again"
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"Cowboy World: Escape" is the thirty-eighth episode of season four of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on August 7, 2022.


Miss Quibbert and the Railroad Baron face off while Arnie tries to escape Cowboy World once and for all.


| Cowboy World Arnie rushes through, what he hopes to be, the final time he’ll do the introduction for Hello from the Dusty Saloon, as the Hogswood Showdown is today. To prepare for the escape plan, Champ has been practicing walking on his back two legs and tying his front legs. Although a little sad that Cowboy World Arnie will be leaving them, Ulysses is excited that Cowboy World Arnie will be returning home soon. Still, in order to maintain their ruse before the big train heist happens, they must continue the podcast normally acting as the pre-show to the shootout. They invited Miss Quibbert back to catch up with her own plans for Solomon Ragoon. She goes back and forth on if her revenge will end on Ragoon’s death or not. They group goes on a tangent on the afterlife.

Miss Quibbert goes through her training regimen: playing the shooting midway games at amusement parks. During her time there, she won a cotton candy that was the size of herself. Ulysses was immediately enamored of the thought of the Lady made out of Sugar Fluff, but backed off when he found out that she was colored blue and pink.

The High Foon residents offer souvenirs for Cowboy World Arnie for when he leaves the world for good. Cowboy World Arnie will miss the people of High Foon, not High Foon itself. Champ already has plans for the train itself, converting it to a food venture called “Choo Choo’s Chow". The group reminisces about Cowboy World Arnie’s time there, from first meetings to the time Cowboy World Arnie wanted to have sex with Champ’s Mom. Although Champ does not have all the previous memories of the other Champs, he still tries to follow along and Cowboy World Arnie cannot find any major distinction between the Champs. The two proclaim their best friend status while Ulysses announces his best friend is the wide open plains and the night sky.

Miss Quibbert gets the group to talk about Solomon Ragoon again, asking if anyone would miss him if he dies. While no one really seems to voice a positive opinion, Ragoon enters the saloon, boosting his win in his round. He also brags about his victory over Miss Quibbert’s family. The host try to make peace between the rivals. Solomon Ragoon is more than happy to bridge the gap and invite Miss Quibbert to join him on his venture as it would be profitable to both of them. Miss Quibbert, however, still accuses him on murdering her father, which Ragoon no longer feels to hide or deny. He presents himself as his total victory is at hand, but low key wonders where his allies, the Pinkertons, are. Miss Quibbert defends her actions, past and future, taunting the Railroad Baron about his upcoming defeat and slips Cowboy World Arnie’s plan to escape. Cowboy World Arnie quickly lies to cover his tracks. Ragoon tries to ask more, but Usidore barges in, looking for his Arnie. As Usidore goes to find Arnie, Miss Quibbert is ready for her duel with Solomon Ragoon and the remaining hosts squirrel away to the plan.

Meanwhile, Usidore finds Arnie, proudly showing that he has resonated with the Cowboy Dimension. With this connection through the realms of Ephysiyies, he can make a connection to access this world again. Hopefully, he can help his Arnie and all other Arnie return to their respective Earths. Champ runs into Arnie and Usidore and gets them back to the plan, with Arnie riding Champ and Usidore summoning a floating disk.

The banter between Solomon Ragoon and Miss Quibbert rages on. Miss Quibbert asks the Railroad Baron if he got to know any of her sex robots and establish a relationship. A robot comes up to Ragoon, reminding him about their promise and their love. However, Solomon Ragoon could not even been bothered to remember the robot’s name. After that, Eustache the Pinkerton also comes up to Solomon Ragoon, asking him to join the rest of the Pinkertons in the basement for the show being performed by an Orphan with a Dead Man’s hand. Surprised, Ragoon request that the Pinkertons join him back outside of the basement and continues with the conversation with the sex robot, later revealed her name as Portricia, and tries to re-establish a connection. Suddenly, Ragoon hears his train, leaving without him, and goes after it, leaving Portricia to save him a seat at Flower’s show.

On the train, Cowboy World Arnie declares that the group is robbing the actual train. Many of the passengers assume this is part of a show. Ulysses gets his gun to usher people off the train and onto Usidore’s magical disk to get them off safely. Then they all split off to their respective roles; Usidore continues to lead passengers off the train, Arnie shovels coal with Ulysses offering to trade, Cowboy World Arnie sets the flux capacitor, and Champ takes them to break, though as this would be the last episode of Hello from the Dusty Saloon, Cowboy World Arnie is not worried about the monetary gain anymore. At that moment, Solomon Ragoon comes out from the shadows and chastises Cowboy World Arnie for not taking advantage of monetization.

Ragoon forgoes his title as Hogswood Shootout Champion and climbed the back of the train as the contest was solely a means to an end and a way to be shot by Miss Quibbert. Ulysses challenges Ragoon to their own shootout, but Ulyssess loses and is shot when he realizes that Ragoon was controlling the timing of the draw. Solomon Ragoon is not the only stowaway on the train; Miss Quibbert joins the fight after being crowd the winner of the Shootout when the Railroad Baron did not show up. Now, she is out to prove her victory over Ragoon for real. Ragoon refuses, but Miss Quibbert gives him two options, change and be her friend or die. Meanwhile, Cowboy World Arnie and Champ rushes to Ulysses’s side. Ulysses doubts that he will survive their final bout with Solomon Ragoon, but Cowboy World Arnie reassures him that his world has the technology and the medicine to heal Ulysses. He invites him and Champ to come to his world of Earth, while Miss Quibbert calls out Ragoon using the Earth escape to run away. Ulysses quips that he would not be able to go to Earth without his pants, pulling down his pants. As Solomon Ragoon struggles to get his pants up, the straps and belts meant to keep his pants in pants tangles him, wraps around his neck, and Ragoon trip over all the objects and falls off the side of the train.

The train is reaching is final speed. Miss Quibbert offers to keep the train steady. Arnie asks if he still needs to keep shoveling. Usidore says that they are good and they all wish their counterparts luck but Cowboy World Arnie invites Usidore to also come along if Ulysses won’t make it. Usidore declines as his best friend is Aprel Füls. Arnie, Usidore, and Miss Quibbert leave the train, allowing the train to reach its required 88 miles per hours and the other three to cross the portal to Earth.

Usidore asks Miss Quibbert what is her plan now. Miss Quibbert will return to her usual business, with Portricia as her first in command and hope to make High Foon a Better Place. Arnie laments the long hike back to their portal to Foon, but Usidore casts a spell to let them fly there, though it will still take a week to get back to Nibblebottom. Arnie gets Usidore to promise that their podcast finale would be better than the one they just witnessed.

Post Credit Scene

On Cowboy World Arnie’s Earth, the three of them go to a restaurant. Champ tries to order, but cannot hide the fact that he is a talking horse. All the patrons and workers stare at him and Champs tells his Arnie and Ulysses that he will meet them back in the apartment they all share.


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New Characters

  • Checkers, God's Dog
  • Champ's Mom
  • Big Dutch and Little Dutch
  • Resin Nate
  • Eustache the Pinkerton
  • Portricia, the Sex Robot
  • Jules and Vern, Champ's cousins

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • Brie Larson, Room
  • the Oscars
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • BoJack Horseman
  • Caroline in the City
  • My Two Dads
  • the CW
  • Checkers
  • Rally's
  • Elongated coin
  • Back to the Future Franchise
  • The Plot of Back to the Future: Part III
    • Train going 88 mph to go home
    • "Where we're going, we don't need roads"
    • the Calvin Klein Underwear
    • Marty getting with his Mom
    • "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis
    • "Chuck! Chuck, it's Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry."
    • Flux Capacitor
    • The Children, Jules and Vern
  • Hanes underwear
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Spider-Man
  • Going Dutch
  • Times New Roman
  • The Big Chill
  • The Big Easy
  • The Big Sick
  • Jules Verne
  • Donald Duck
  • Harry Potter, Patronus
  • Halloween


Behind the Scenes

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