Season 4, Ep 7 - Tormaline Dragon Teen (w/ Zach Reino)

Season 4, Ep 7 - Tormaline Dragon Teen
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date November 28, 2021
Episode no. S04E07
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Tormaline, the Dragon Teen
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Chris Rathjen
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Town Daddy's Brother" "Beer Window"
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"Tormaline Dragon Teen" is the seventh episode of season four of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on November 28, 2021.


A teenage dragon in human form applies for an internship.


To spice up his normal intro, Chunt attempts to do a backflip at the tall table and succeeds. Although it is impressive, Arnie does not feel like it translates will into the audio medium, so Usidore suggests that Chunt tries to do two backflips. At the attempt, he falls out of his seat and lands on his feet. Usidore gives his intro, adding “Slayer of the Dark Lord” and “Posthumous Wizard's Choice Award Winner”. Arnie asks him if the other wizards know that he is not dead yet. Usidore tells the group that he had sent birds to the other wizards to clarify his situation without mentioning that the Dark Lord is not truly dead and that he is in Carfoon Blemish's body, contained in the basement of the Strange Familiar. He panicked and set a deadline for himself to finish up his reminding tasks in 2 months before he disappears into the realms of Ephysiyies.

With the grand task of keeping the Dark Lord a secret and trapped while understanding that they are likely to fuck it up as a whole, Arnie has put up flyers for some extra help. Tormaline, a Dragon Teen, shouts from below, looking for the guys. She climbs up to the tall table and formally responds to the flyer. However, she has been able to sense the Dark Lord’s aura emanating from the basement, revealing the Dark Lord’s existence to her. Usidore makes it a point to look up spells to shield the aura.

The interview continues as the group learns more about the dragon. Tourmaline is in a humanoid form in order not to scare off the patrons at the Strange Familiar, but she does retain some dragon-like details, such as her sharp teeth, smoke vapor, red eyes, and smaller wings. The biggest draw for the job was the fact that Arnie and co. would be providing 24/7 housing, which Tormaline can use to start her own horde. The fact that she will have to keep the Dark Lord alive and prevent anyone from getting to him is a huge draw as attackers would provide additional weapons and treasures for her to keep after their defeat.

The group sums up the situation in the basement and Tormaline is on board. She asks some standard questions about Blemish since he will, effectively, act as her roommate since she is not allowed to kill him. Pretty much, all she asks for in return is to kill anyone that comes down to the horde, present company excluded. The four go back and forth on ground rules and benefits from the job. Tormaline mentions that she would be sleeping for long periods of time, but is a light sleeper and will be alert enough to attack anyone unauthorized to come down. The group offers payments to increase her horde and to spread word about her horde to 401 kings. Other items discussed are holidays, a list of people she cannot kill, and the fact that dragons are ready to attack other dragons to increase their horde, like how Tormaline is ready to slit her fathers while he sleeps to get to his horde.

Usidore shows Tormaline the basement, which she asks to make a few adjustments to the setting. As Arnie is only renting his room and basement, there is not much renovation that can be done. Usidore suggests to the group that they just buy the Strange Familiar if they are going to have a large operation. All three of them even had experience owning a tavern/restaurant as they were responsible for both the Vermilion Minotaur and Chu Chu’s Chow. The four pull their funds and use a Fabergé egg to pay for the place. After the payment, Usidore comes back with the title of the place and three chicken eggs.

After reading an email, Tourmaline mentioned that she heard about this one funny being, named Zach Plasma. Unfortunately, Arnie and Chunt reveal to her that he is dead. But Tormaline retorts that, since he is a worm with a skull for a head, it is a sign that he is undead, so he is probably fine. Chunt panics and leaves to save Zach Plasma, even though they are halfway across Foon from where it happened. Still, the remainder of the crew celebrate as they own the tavern.


  • Ann, aka AK the Unofficial Lore-Idiot1 on Discord, is checking in to see if the group has more emails for the podcast. She misses writing something different in the email section for the episode wiki page. She also celebrates her own anniversary of being apart of the community. Arnie takes this time to shout out the wiki,, and uses the (passive aggressive, but charming) email as a reminder to read more emails in future episodes.

New Characters

  • Witch Wedid, the witch summoned by saying their name 47/48 times in front of 50 mirrors
  • Tormaline's Dad
  • Tormaline's cousin in the Mountain of Scaliel
  • Grasbar, the slain dragon that uses riddles
  • The Dragon Queen
  • Marques, The Strange Familiar owner

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • This American Life
  • Planet Money
  • Sisyphus
  • Hot Potato
  • Award Shows
  • David Tennant, Doctor Who
  • Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too
  • Bean Dad, John Roderick
  • "Maybe it's Maybelline"
  • Trust Fund
  • Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship
  • Cate Blanchett
  • According to Jim
  • Jim Belushi, John Belushi
  • The Golden Girls
  • GPA
  • Health Insurance
  • 401k
  • "Yass Queen"
  • Phone Bill
  • Bennies/Bennys
    • Ben Kingsley
    • Benny Safdie
    • Uncle Ben Parker
    • Benadryl
    • Benny Hill
    • "Benny and the Jets" by Elton John
    • Benedict
    • "Bend Over"
    • Eggs Benedict
    • Ben Schwartz
  • Holidays
    • Christmas
    • Hanukah
  • Kobayashi Maru
  • Takeru Kobayashi
  • leavened/unleavened bread
  • Heath bar, Cliff Bar
  • Garfield, "I Hate Mondays"
  • Sylvester the Cat
  • "Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin
  • feng shui
  • Fabergé egg
  • World of Warcraft, Socketed items, set bonus
  • JamCon
  • Desperadoes
  • Wild Wild West
  • When Harry Met Sally, "I'll have what she's having"
  • DuckTales theme
  • Guitar Center
  • LA Casting
  • Game Of Thrones, Samwell Tarly
  • U2


  • "Witch Wedid" was said 18 times, all before the first break.
  • Tormaline is 1600 years old
  • Arnie warns Tormaline not to cross them as the last dragon they met turned into a Bean Dad. This is reference to Durp, who was played by John Roderick in Season 3, Ep 44 - Dragon and was made infamous for his Bean Dad tweets.
  • Some of the events the group mentions the the audience needs to know include the following:
    • When Usidore was Mind Controlled by a Fish2
    • When they got the Lunar Sword
    • All the Bennys
    • When Arnie stubbed his toe
    • Chunt's Two Backflips
  • When Tormaline mentions a dragon war that resulted in 8 millennia of fire, Arnie says he thinks that's longer than he was told Foon existed. In fact Foon is in its 48th millennia, at least according to calendar.

Behind the Scenes

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