Secret Beads Of Furlingshire

The Secret Beads Of Furlingshire are a magical artifact of great power. If used correctly they can provide the solution to any problem.

If used incorrectly, the operator will be turned into a conscious mist, doomed to roam Foon forever insubstantial. This fate famously befell Steven King.

Some say they were directly pulled out of a volcano by Lord Toplemirth, who turned into a cow, then a wolf, then an owl, then a mouse, then finally Rodan of Furlingshire. Others say they were pulled from Hailbarren Creek by Nyst, god of the Feeple people.

Jimminent Turlybirther, the confidential courier, confides that he is delivering the Secret Beads when he passes through the Vermilion Minotaur, a revelation that awes Usidore.

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