Seven Dragons And A Baby

"Seven Dragons and a Baby" is one of the most well-known and popular songs in Foon. It has a number of verses, which may be included or swapped out at the discretion of the performer.


The song is sung to the same tune as the theme music for the podcast.


Seven dragons and a baby sitting in their nest
The baby dances 'round the dragons while they take their rest
The baby understands the danger, knows he must be careful
And if he is successful then the dragons make him waffles

Seven dragons and a baby marching on the town
The villagers are fearful but the baby calms them down
Explains to them he understands that dragons can be awful
But if they want some breakfast yes the dragons make them waffles

Seven dragons and a baby sitting on their thrones
The anteroom before them filled with rags and skulls and bones
A townsman stands before them and insists this is unlawful
The dragons kill the townsman and the baby makes them waffles

Additional Verses

Seven dragons and a baby going out to dine
Six dragons ordered rainbow bowls, the other ordered wine
The baby ordered mother's milk and then demanded waffles
The dragons said we're tired of those - tonight let's get falafel

Popular Covers

Spants and Glenn Miller have performed verses from Seven Dragons and a Baby at the The Vermilion Minotaur. Portions of the song have been performed during the following podcast episodes:


The first set of lyrics was submitted and sung by listener Matt Metter to the main theme music in season 1, ep 15 "Transdimensional Deliveryman".

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