Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Warrior Princess"
Played by Lisa Beasley
Name Shhheee3
Occupation Club Owner
Affiliation The Dark Lord

Shhheee3 is a 3,000 year old Warrior Princess, who now owns the villains night club The Establishment.


Shhheee3 is giant, beautiful, fearsome, and bioluminescent.

She is in therapy, and practices care-self by smoking & ingesting an enormous leaf she grows in the club; she strongly recommends both.

She can often be found in her club The Establishment. Every barrel of pre-mixed cocktails have a drop of the blood of her enemies, and a hint of her aggression & strength, which she adds by soaking her arm in each batch.

During no-shave November she wears a van dyke.


Shhheee3 spent her younger years as a warrior princess, working on commission to pay off gem debt from the cost of princess school. She had a great victory when 300 fighters she led defeated an army of thousands, by fighting in slow motion.

It was during that time that she met and fell in love with a warrior prince, the then Dark Lord. They were engaged to be married and she walked away, but always thought they would meet again (until she learned of his death 3,000 later). She also always thought she would have made a better Dark Lord, and has some feelings of bitterness that her contributions to his success went underappreciated.

As she grew older she transitioned to more legitimate guide and bodyguard work. She discovered an available property, bought it and built up The Establishment to a thriving bar and club. She knows Squibbert, who is a regular patron.

On Masters of Mayhem

Shhheee3 encountered the lost Baron & Dripfang while traveling, and agreed to guide the two in the direction of Clarice Claire's Moon Palace in exchange for the gold they had on them. She leads them back to The Establishment, where she discusses her life story, and the Baron & Dripfang try to recruit her to the Dark Lord's cause. She considers it but makes no decision. She does however open a portal for them to the Moon Palace, in exchange for copy of all the Minion's Ball marketing material; the event as been cutting into her business and she is wishes to know the competition.

Shhheee3 is played by Lisa Beasley.


* Masters of Mayhem Season 1, Episode 5 — "Warrior Princess"

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