Simon Lemmington Bartholomew
Simon Lemmington Bartholomew
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Chunt for Red October 2: Clear and Present Badger"
Played by Shad Kunkle
Name Simon Lemmington Bartholomew
Species Humanish
Occupation Monster hunter

Simon Lemmington Bartholomew is a monster hunter.

As a small child Simons witnessed his father being killed in an attempt to prove to Simon there were no monsters under his bed. The monster in question was a basilisk who decapitated Simon's father rather than turn him to stone, just to be rude. His mother was later decapitated by a harpy. This story gives the title to Simon's monster hunting memoir My Two Heads. Later, his wife and child were also killed by an evil spectre.

Simon is now dedicated to killing "monsters," though that is an imprecise term given the wide variety of beasts and creatures who inhabit Foon. By his own opinion anything that 1)eats humans, is 2)abominable (not of Foon), 3)or has "too many" limbs should be killed, but he often defers to the Stone of Azrael, a magical amulet he carries and which alerts him to monstrous presences.

He killed a number of vampires at the second Chunt for Red October event, including Usidore the Vampire who was absorbed into the Stone of Azrael.

Simon Lemmington Bartholomew is played by Shad Kunkle.


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