Singing Sword

The Singing Sword is the weapon/companion of Jak Vorpal. She love being a sword, particularity the thrusting, slashing, and penetrating she does in battle. When Jak retired from swordplay to be a baker she spent many unhappy years above the oven, and is thrilled to be used for violence regularly again.

Prior to being won by Jak, the Singing Sword was wielded by the Bandit King. She is sister to the Lunar Sword.

Just prior to a Offices and Bosses game, the Sword stabbed Can the Wizard just outside The Vermilion Minotaur. It is not known if Can survived the attack, but since Usidore has mentioned that wizards cannot be stabbed, he is likely to be fine.

The Singing Sword is played by Erica Elam.

Episode Appearances

63 The Singing Sword
Offices and Bosses: 3 Singing Sword from I.T.
Season 2, Ep 46 – Lightbringers of Hogsface

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