Skullson Bastard
Skullson Bastard
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 58 - Bastard"
Played by Greg Hess
Name Skullson Bastard
Nickname(s) The Bastard
Affiliation Baker

Skullson Bastard is the "supposed" bastard son of Skullmaster.

Skullson Bastard was played by Greg Hess.


Skullson is tall & thin, weighing 4 stone and being 30 hands high. His left hand is very boney, and he seeks revenge against Skullmaster, hoping to choke him out with his skeleton hand.


He was adopted by Roy and Linda Bastard, who immigrated to Strong Guy Island from Migas and opened the Bastard Bread Company. Skullson worked in the bakery growing up.

As a child, Skullson was bullied because of his boney hand, and his bastard name/status.

He began to suspect he was related to Skullmaster when he saw his parent embrace a man in a skull mask, and though he now accepts that may just have been some kinky role-play, his conclusion that his real father is Skullmaster stands.

After finding some flaming skeletons in the oven, Skullson assumes his parents have been murdered and he makes his way to Castle Skullmaster, where he hides in the garden for three years waiting for a chance to kill Skullmaster, unaware Skullmaster is away.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Based on some vague information, Skullson concludes his birthname is Skully Masterson. And based on further questioning, Skullson reveals that it is likely he who accidentally(?) killed Roy & Linda.

To give Skullson closure, Usidore offers to pose as Skullmaster and allow Skullson to strangle him. The skit provides relief for Skullson, and he resolves to go back to the bakery which has been closed since Skullson has left for his revenge mission. But their ongoing conversations leads Skullson to suspect that Krellbar, Duke of Krellbarland, is really his father and Skullson vows to kill him instead, which he successfully does.



  • Season 3, Ep 58 — "Bastard (w/ Greg Hess)"
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