Soul Walker
Soul Walker
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance: "Soul Walker"
Portrayed by: Ross Bryant
Name: Soul Walker
Species: Soul Walker
Occupation: Minion
Affiliation: The Dark Lord

A Soul Walker is a necromantic creature made up of multiple souls. They are created by necromancers, often at the behest of The Dark Lord.

The Soul Walker is played by Ross Bryant.


An animated shambling corpse, withered and desiccated, inhabited by multiple dead souls. They normally can carry as many as seven separate souls, but in rare cases, a Soul Walker will require 13 souls to function. It has been said that cutting the head off a Soul Walker will cause it to sprout new heads, one for each soul. Defeating a Soul Walker will generate a corpse for each soul it contained.


The extent of a Soul Walker's powers are unknown, but they can cast dark spells, including a spell that will sew shut a person's mouth. Soul Walkers are immortal unless destroyed.


They speak by each soul taking turns speaking one word apiece, resulting in an otherworldly speech cadence. A Soul Walker can allow a single soul to assume full control (and in rare cases, one will forcibly take control). They can be defeated by rubbing out the rune that appears atop their forehead. If this is not possible, and you are brave and quick-witted enough, you can try to convince a single soul to rebel against the group mind. Those who have come into contact with these rebellious souls have reported that their existence is a horrible living death and wish to be freed as soon as possible.


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