Souza Gurnick
Souza Gurnick
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "The Wedding Planner"
Played by Katie Rich
Name Souza Gurnick
Species Half-goblin, half-tree
Occupation Wedding planner

Souza Gurnick is a wedding planner in Foon.

Souza Gurnick is played by Katie Rich.

Early Life

Souza was an orphan, raised by her father, who was a goblin, and her mother, who was a tree. She says her parents were "pretty bad" and deeply resents them.


Souza is known for having some unfortunately racist views regarding marriage. Her company, Wedlock for Warlocks, was sued for refusing to plan a wedding between a goblin and a tree. As a strict Foonationist, she doesn't believe in magical marriage between two goblins, or indeed, a goblin and a tree.

Personal Life

Souza is known to have a mead drinking problem, and as therapy, she attends "AA meadings". She says she has adopted several coping mechanisms, such as tapping things a certain number of times, turning candles on and off, and eye rolling. She is domestic partners with a shapeshifter, Stemopoulos, as they are not technically married.


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