Space Bunker

The "Space Bunker" is an informal name for the place the Mysterious Man monitors the podcast, and presumably, events in other dimensions. It is unknown if it has a proper name. The interns are forbidden to mention the location of the bunker. It is surrounded by a viscous ultraviolet gel, and is near at least three suns.

It was revealed that there is more than one space bunker: this bunker is Space Bunker Zeta; Tricia was given Space Bunker Omega to command on her own.


The space bunker is made up of several rooms.

Purple Room

There is a knob in the Purple Room that may result in a "type-4 cataclysmic event" if used incorrectly.

Orange Chamber

The orange chamber seems to be for meetings.

Green Chamber

It seems those that enter the green chamber end up on the ceiling, and possibly for eternity (which can fortunately be undone).

Aqua Chamber

This no longer exists, but it held "the finest thing", and was guarded by a beast, Korvo. However, Tricia "accidentally" hit the exact 53 digit code to create a reverse polarity vortex.

Beige Room

This room contains mostly dead bodies of Tricia, but technical manuals also seem to be stored here.

Topaz Room

This room might contain four-dimensional objects, but Craig is too frightened to enter it.

Break Room

The break room is for staff to relax.

Vending Machines

There are six vending machines in the bunker, but if you say the proper phrase, they will each shrink into six vending machines (to create a total of 36). If repeated, those machines will each divide into six, and it can be repeated ad infinitum.

Space Pods

There are several "pods" on board that can be used to travel. The pods use imperfections on the pilot's skin to access limited points in space and time. They appear to be easy to use, as several buttons are marked with their exact function:

  • Press Go To Go
  • Lasers, Gun, and Everything That Can Possibly Hurt You
  • An Emotional Component As Well (a dial used in conjunction with Lasers)
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