Spintax the Green
Spintax the Green
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Spintax the Green
Artwork of Spintax by Vaughn Pinpin.
First appearance "Spintax the Green"
Played by Charlie McCrackin
Name Spintax the Green
Species Wizard
Occupation Wizard

Spintax the Green is a wizard. His full name is:

Spintax the Green, Master of the Third, Ninth, and Twelfth Realms of Ephysiyies, Wielder of Arcane Forces Compelling the Living and the Dead, Diviner of Unknowable Truths, Caster of Illusions, Destroyer of Lies, Dissolver of the Wall of Fire, Imbiber of the Nine Deadly Poisons, Author of the Pandenomicon, and Winner of the Wizard's Choice Award; the Dwarfs know me as Nickelback Silverchair, the Angels know me as Mama Cassai'el, the Vampires know me as Cameron Orlando, in the South I am known as Lodestone Greatcraft.

Spintax is one of Foon's most famous and popular wizards. He is well-known for dissolving the great Wall of Fire, and is author of the Pandenomicon, a comprehensive list of demons that he met and banished. He banished three separate demons in order to find the secret to defeating a Soul Walker. He was made as the answer to a riddle posed by an angel to the four elements has aided the Council of Wizards in bringing robins into existence in Foon. "KISS" in Foon means Keep It Simple, Stupid, but also stands for Knights in Spintax's Service, four knights who do Spintax's bidding.

Spintax learned to master his magics in the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. Usidore seems to consider him something of a rival, as they were roommates. He attended the Great Winter Ball there with the beautiful Jyn'Leeviyah.

He resides in a multifaceted gem worn between the bust of Queen Titania Belaroth, after a dalliance with her that "took her to new heights and expanded her emotions"1. He plays hillsman for the Scrr Buzzards. He really enjoys whipped Rainbow Bowls. There was a rumor that he was dating a bisectual dwarf, which was true, but Spintax claims it was only because she was bisected vertically and he saw her standing next to a mirror.

He does not share Usidore's concern over the Dark Lord, and instead hopes to ally the forces of dark and light to defeat an encroaching void that he believes will destroy all existence.

Spintax the Green is played by Charlie McCrackin.


Spintax's powers Green Magic, which is generated from truth and lies, which he forms into magical mysteries, Sustenance, and whatever he so chooses.

He has the ability to:

  • Banish demons
  • Make autographs appear in people's pockets
  • Change his form (as all wizards are trained to do)
  • Open a portal to another dimension using the rendered fat from six Foonish children
  • Enter the Wizard State
  • Conjure tiny things similar to blue magic
  • Teleport to his gem home in a puff of green smoke
  • Teleport to Mirror Realms using the multifaceted gem
  • Remove the skin of his teeth
  • Speak in the voice of a dragon


  • Similarly to how Twosidore is split off from Usidore, Twotax is the split off version of Spintax.

Mirror World Counterpart

His counterpart on the mirror world is Spintax the Blue who was defeated by Usidore the Black.


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