Spintax the Green on Earth

Spintax the Green travelled to Earth through the dimensional portal following the events of "The Plan". In this episode, Spintax revealed that he had already slaughtered six Foonish children and rendered their fat, the key ingredient to opening a trans-dimensional portal. Because the Void can be defeated by making Earth child Penelope Penelope believe that the magic of Foon is real, they decided that they should use the fat to complete that task.

Spintax struggled but eventually squeezed through the portal back to Earth. After reaching the Burger King, Spintax demanded to see the King of Burgers. The drive-thru employee was annoyed by what he thought was a prank.


In October 2015, Spintax tweeted that he had been incarcerated in Cook County Jail, Illinois. After arriving in Chicago he had tried to replenish his stock of the rendered child fat that had allowed him to cross dimensions, but had run afoul of the law.

Computer Time

In jail, Spintax was granted computer time and apparently wasted no time in creating a Twitter account.

Prison Gangs

Despite being sent for a full psychological evaluation, Spintax did not have his computer time revoked by the prison authorities. They did, however, prohibit him from listening to Hello from the Magic Tavern, believing it to be fuelling his delusions. Spintax writes that his cellmate, Steve Hairy-Eyeballs the murderer, has recommended that he join a "fellowship" of prisoners for protection.

Magic and Not-Sees

Spintax later writes about his his magic, drawn from truth and lies, works differently on Earth. He also discovers that Not-Sees on Earth are very different than the Not-Sees on Foon, and not just because they can see.

The Neuropsychologist

In a bid to curb Spintax of his "delusions", he is sent to visit a neuropsychologist. Spintax then documented his experience with prescription drugs in a series of tweets.

Escape from Jail

On 1 November, 2015, Spintax achieved freedom from jail.

Electroconvulsive therapy

After being subject to electroconvulsive therapy, Spintax realised that he could use the electrical currents to escape.

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