Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 31 – Thieves"
Played by Paul F. Tompkin
Name Squeen
Occupation Thief, Pirate

Squeen is a thief who arrives at The Blowlegged Moose. He may or may not be a Pirate.

Squeen was played by Paul F. Tompkins.


Squeen is members of the Thieves Guild, Local 121. He has an eye-patch, a hook, and a peg-leg. He wears a tricorner hat and is followed around by parrot. He owns the ship Squeen Dream.


Squeen has been a natural theif he stole breath from a cat as a baby. He attempted sparrow husbandry before taking up thieving professionally.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Squeen, Mike, and Kevin attempt to rob Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore. Squeen is hit by lightening that Usidore calls down and dies. He asks to be buried at sea.



  • Season 3, Ep 31 — "Thieves (w/ Superego’s Matt Gourley, Mark McConville and Paul F. Tompkins)"
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