Squibbert is a frog, servant and dark herald of The Dark Lord. She is a thousand years old and likes to sing and dance. Like all the frogs in the pool in service to The Dark Lord, she has an excellent memory and reports everything Baron Ragoon says back to The Dark Lord. Licking her can cause a high and odd behavior: according to the Baron, you shouldn't lick Squibbert "unless you want to see some crazy things". Throughout the course of their first meeting, Chunt licked Squibbert three times.

Squibbert fought alongside Baron Ragoon, Evil Tannakin, and Blemish with the help of The Dark Lord to stop Usidore's quest by capturing his party in battle at The Vermilion Minotaur.

Her Cowboy World counterpart is the mysterious Miss Quibbert, a human who may have a connection to Foon Squibbert.

Squibbert and Miss Quibbert are played by Sarah Shockey.

Episode Appearances

77 The Baron and the Frog
100 Usidore's Quest
INTERLUDE - Cowboy World (as Miss Quibbert)

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