Hello from the Magic Tavern is a podcast about Arnie, a human from Chicago who has fallen through a magical rift behind a Burger King into the land of Foon. Since he has his podcasting equipment with him and he's getting a weak WiFi signal from Burger King through the rift, he decided to host a weekly podcast from this fantasy world where he interviews the strange people and creatures he meets.

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Miniseries spinoffs

There are currently eight miniseries spinoffs. Offices and Bosses, Earth Games, I Am Spintax! The Podcast!, Masters of Mayhem, Lost in Foon, Usidore’s Fetching Quests!, and Hey Tavern Tavern! take place within the world of the main podcast; Behind the Tavern takes a look behind the scenes at early episodes.

Fooniverse and other bonus episodes on Patreon

These are the Patreon-exclusive episodes outside of the main feed. They include Fooniverse which explores additional adventures of the characters of Magic Tavern; bonus Magic Tavern miniseries; Behind the Tavern which gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of making the podcast; and Not The Tavern where the hosts can do anything unrelated to the podcast. Many of these episodes were formerly released as Stitcher Premium exclusives but are now available only to Patreon supporters.

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General Credits

  • Magic Tavern Logo: Allard Laban
  • Theme Music: Andy Poland
  • Extra Audio Wizardry, Vermilion Minotaur Loop(Season One & Two): Jason Knox
  • Post-production Coordination(starting Season Three): Garrett Schultz

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Reddit - AMA 1 - AMA 2 - AMA 3 (also w/ Tim Sniffen, Brooke Breit, and Chris Rathjen) - AMA 4

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