The SuperBeast
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Masters of Mayhem Season 2, Ep 6 - "The SuperBeast"
Played by Adam Peacock
Name SuperBeast
Nickname(s) Aston Martin
Species SuperBeast
Occupation SuperBeast
Affiliation Northeastia

The SuperBeast is a gestalt beast built by Dripfang LeDesparé from five different animals to destroy Northeastia.

He is composed of a mega-gator, a kangaroo, a hawkboar, a jellyfish, and daddy-long leg spiders. He design appeared to Dripfang in a dream while the necromancer was trapped during the Shattering.

Dripfang intended to animate the beast using a magical amulet, but instead used it to imprison Usidore the Blue when the opportunity to capture the wizard presented itself. Instead Dripfang and Baron Ragoon must steal the crown jewels of the Belaroth family to power the creature.

Unfortunately for them, when the SuperBeast is animated he is friendly and feels great affection for the Northeast. While he is willing to fight Usidore and engage in some vandalism, he refuses to destroy Northeastia, instead resolving to marry a waitress and get a job at the Northeastern post office.

SuperBeast is played by Adam Peacock


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