Suzi Creamcheese
Suzi Creamcheese
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Giant Toe"
Played by Mary Holland
Name Suzi Creamcheese
Species Giant Toe
Occupation Giant Toe

Suzi Creamcheese is a big toe who was once part of the foot of a giant.

A giant named Derek slammed his foot in a door and his big toe, Suzi, came off, and now just wants to find love in the big city.

Suzi Creamcheese is played by Mary Holland.


  • Suzi has a nail split down the middle and squirts blood.
  • Got a "tramp stamp" (actually a callus) with her friends


  • Season 3, Ep 14 — "Giant Toe (w/ Mary Holland)"
  • Earth Games Season 2, Ep 6 — "Zork"
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