Sylvia the Blacksmith
Sylvia the Blacksmith
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 75 - Blacksmith (w/ Lily Sullivan)"
Played by Lily Sullivan
Name Sylvia Plath
Nickname(s) Sylvia
Species Fire Elemental
Occupation Blacksmith
Affiliation The Jizzlenob Preparatory School For Young Wizards (Formerly)

Sylvia the Blacksmith is a blacksmith with a low Foon Business Bureau score.

Sylvia was played by Lily Sullivan.


Sylvia the Blacksmith is a Fire elemental that wears an apron and likes chips and cheese. She has a very happy-go-lucky personality despite the dark tones of her questions. However, she is very protective of her spare time. She can prophesize given another person's energy.

Her other likes and interests are sleeping with a mirror, drinking wine, laughing every day, the word "fart", and slow cooked milk.


Sylvia has been alive for at least 925 years, three days, and half and hour. Before being a blacksmith, she was a teacher at The Jizzlenob Preparatory School For Young Wizards before she lead a group of students to their doom. Despite being in business for so long, her FBB score is an F for fucked.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

The trio arrive to Sylvia's shop requesting weapons. Before she can give them any, she asks to to get to know them with some questions to select materials and shape. These questions involve them imagining them in a scenario, most of the time extreme life or death. Each question has three options, either A, B, or D, all options ending with "kill yourself." When Sylvia gets to Arnie, she uncontrollably puts her hands in a fire and speaking nonsense. She would also put her head in the oven.

Sylvia explains that this reaction hasn't happened in 300 years, then 625 years, than 3 days before that. However she continues quizzing the guys, producing the same reaction when she gets to Arnie. When the trio goes to check up on her, she is savagely eating chips and yells at them to get out. The three then ransack her place, but can only find chips.



  • Season 3, Ep 75 — "Blacksmith (w/ Lily Sullivan)"
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