Tabula the Butterly

Tabula the Butterly is a Mountark butterfly: they live for five days, then turn into a mountain. Tabula's mother tried to eat him after he was born, so he bit her mother's head off ate her. Usidore was able to bring her back to life; she forgave Tabula for killing her so he could have sex with his father.

Tabula read in the stars this warning about the boys' upcoming quest:

  • Do not talk to the owl.
  • Beware of the four stars in the sky.
  • Purple water is not your friend.
  • Go to the path with the least rocks. When you find the fifth rock, throw it. And if you hit a window, make five wishes.

Tabula had sex with Arnie and shortly thereafter Arnie gave birth to a butterfly that flew out of his butt and later turned into a mountain.

Tabula is played by Michael Hitchcock.

Episode Appearances

99 Push Ups

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