Tannakin the Pinglet
Tannakin the Pinglet
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Tannakin the Pinglet"
Played by Sarah Logsdon
Name Tannakin the Pinglet
Species Pinglet
Occupation Dancer

Tannakin is a pinglet.

She is traveling, fleeing witches and seeking help for other pinglets likewise under threat. Before her witch troubles, she lived an idyllic life where she liked to play, fly, giggle, and dance with her brothers and sisters. She loves playing the game where you roll a small sphere around.

Tannakin the Pinglet, and the mirror realm Tannakin the Terrible, are both played by Sarah Logsdon (née Fineout).


Pinglets were low in number due to their losses in a war against the dwarfs. This has left them easy prey for witches, who are now hunting pinglets regularly, including Tannakin and her siblings. She has a fund to raise money to get them all into the city so that they may live their lives in Hogsface, where it is safer, and will probably prefer a strong brick structure in which to reside. Currently, she will accept food, jewels, coins, or maps. She was invited to stay inside Chunt's friend Pizza Skull, and might possibly still be taking him up on that offer.

Most of the women in her family are named Tannakin, and most males are named Balthazar.

She would like to be a choreographer or do something in the world of dance, perhaps even starting a dancing competition.

Like all pinglets, she defecates skittles.


Mirror World Counterpart - Tannakin the Terrible

The evil counterpart of Tannakin on the mirror world styles herself Tannakin The Terrible. She was part of a litter of 100 pinglets, all birthed in 10 seconds. She has murdered all the dwarves, including Blemish's dwarf half so that he now just crawls around without it, and many small animals as well. She has a number of tattoos including one of a wand with a hair for each dwarf she has killed.


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