Telimpia of the Dark
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 43 - Evil Couple"
Played by Seth Lind
Name Telimpia of the Dark
Species Dog

Telimpia of the Dark is a skinny dog that Chunt met with his wife, Vonquestra.

Telimpia was played by Seth Lind.


Telimpia & Vonquestra are skinny dogs, who enjoy getting out and committing atrocities worldwide. They share a studio cave, which proved to be overly restrictive when he and his wife were isolated there during the Shattering. They have started to become hostile to each other, since they have no other outlet for their evil.

Desperate to interact with new people, they met Chunt via Rune.


Telimpia met Vonquestra in evil college. He took his wife's "the Dark" when they married.

Together they are responsible for the time the dragon swallowed lightening, and the time the ground flipped over.

He knows Craptor, who has been a dinner party guest in the past.

He has also worked as a travel agent when evil wasn't profitable enough, and had a failed evil gift shop.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

The couple discuss how the Shattering has been trying for their marriage. They renew their disavows, but tensions remain high. Arnie & Chunt brainstorm evil they can enact from home, while Usidore tries to convert them to goodness. The couple murder & resurrect their live-in parent.

After the Shattering ends the couple make their way to Northeastia to try their evil shop again. They also have a pair of skinny puppies Sylvestra and Sylvestor. They encounter Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore in the marketplace, try to poison Tomblain Beleroth, and leave Chunt in charge of their children.



  • Season 3, Ep 43 — "Evil Couple (w/ Moujan Zolfaghari and Seth Lind from 'Mission to Zyxx')"
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