The Cockticklers

A travelling theatre troupe whose members include Lawrence, Tomblain Belaroth, Winky Silks, and Michael Gunch. They often put on corporate events in order to uncover murderers by reenacting the details of the murder and encourage the guilty party confess.


The Cockticklers have put on:

Currently, Winky Silks and Michael Grunch are working on a play based on Arnie's journey in Foon. Michael Grunch would play Arnie. Winky Silks would play Chunt, and Usidore may not be in it.


The name comes from a scene they put on where Lawrence tickles a cock on stage, feathers flying everywhere. Their emblem is a man tickling his cock.

Joining the Troupe

Aspiring actors must face The Five Bees if they wish to become a performer. A jar with five bees inside is opened, the candidate is stung, and if they survive, they are welcomed into the troupe.

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