The Jizzlenob Preparatory School For Young Wizards

The Jizzlenob Preparatory School For Young Wizards (also known as Jizzlenob Preparatory Academy for Young Wizards) is for "promising young wizards", though most of the student are not "true" wizards, but rather mortal beings learning magic to become mages, magicians, necromancers, etc.

Students at the school are often allowed to go on adventures as "teaching moments", and this accounts for much of the death rate of children attending the school.1

Students at Jizzlenob are sorted in to one of four houses when they arrive at the age of eleven, which largely defines the course of their education, as well what is expected of them of personality-wise2.

They are:

  • House Dingledong - where students (largely from established magical families) are encouraged to be cunning, amoral, ambitious, and act in self-interest. The other houses unfairly consider this "evil" and the students of Dingledong are largely alienated from the other students. The Dingledong house crest is a polar bear slicing the neck of a kangaroo from behind. Schnenessa & Snaken Freshgrave are members of House Dingledong.
  • House Roaringod - where students are encouraged to be brave and noble, though they are also considered "kinda dickheads" and often pop their collars. Its crest is a tiger punching a very mean kangaroo. Patmat Winkleshtain, "the boy who gived", is a member of House Roaringod.
  • House Camelto - where students who are considered "sweet" are collected. Their interests include snacks. Camelto's crest is a camel eating a kangaroo. Twosidore has a nephew at Jizzlenob named Dedric Criggory who is a member of Camelto.
  • House Chirpinbird - where know-it-all students are sent. The crest of Chirpinbird is an owl reading an encyclopedia (the entry it is reading is about a kangaroo). Usidore never attended Jizzlenob, but took the placement test for fun and would have been a match for Chirpinbird.

Deep beneath the school, there is a secret compartment. Inside, there is a serpent with a giraffes face who can answer any question, but if it is let loose it will go on a killing rampage. The most famous victim of the secret compartment is "The Boy Who Died", Frizznap Tingle.

There is also a room called The Room of Ohlookatthat, which surprises whoever enters by changing its contents.

The founder and headmaster of the school is Can the Yellow. Another version of Can fills the role of Dean.

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