The Scholar
The Scholar
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "The Scholar"
Played by Craig Cackowski
Name The Scholar
Species Humanish
Occupation Librarian
Affiliation Great Halls of Terr'akkas

The Scholar is the librarian of the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. The Scholar is not a single person, and not just a title, but an identity that is passed from person to person. In order to assume the identity of The Scholar, a person must give up their name, their memories, and their face. Therefore, The Scholar has no knowledge of their true name or access to any of their memories. They can remember only the face because it is stored in a jar in the library. If The Scholar attempts to open it, they will turn to flame. Once The Scholar has finished their duty, they will cease being The Scholar and reclaim their identity.

The Scholar's duties include running the library, collecting overdue books, and deciphering and delivering prophecies. The Scholar is forbidden to otherwise interfere with events in Foon.

The Scholar is played by Craig Cackowski.

Current Scholar

The current Scholar has been in the role for centuries, at least more than 300 years.

  • They like to wear cargo shorts under their robe
  • Enjoys whenever Spintax The Green comes into the library
  • Hounds Usidore about his many overdue books and late fees
  • His best friend is a map of Foon (they joke that even though he is a real "Foon buff", most people consider him a "buffoon")
  • Prefers to wear briefs


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