Smorps are a race of small cerulean colored creatures, about four peaches high, known for their vicious nature. They live in communities of mushroom-shaped houses. Each Smorp is named after the job he does within the community (Soldier Smorp, Cook Smorp, etc.). They were created at the beginning of time.


Smorpette (AKA the Smorp Queen) was the only female Smorp. She was much larger than other Smorps and was apparently responsible in some way for Smorp breeding. She looked somewhat like a giant slug and ate human orphans. Smorpette is thought to have been killed by Jak Vorpal.

Connection to Usidore

Usidore the Wizard has had several run-ins with the Smorps and considers them evil. Once, the Smorps broke into Usidore's house and dressed him up like a Smorp, briefly fooling him into thinking he'd become one. On another occasion the Smorps made Usidore the size of his cat, and the cat the size of Usidore; this event was partially attributed to the rise of The Dark Lord.

Usidore wants to get enough Smorps to turn them into gold, though he doesn't explain the details of this plan. He also speaks of sicking his cat on them.

After being prodded, Usidore admits that he created Smorpette (then a normal-sized Smorp) in an attempt to "trick" the Smorps by adding a female to their mix. This backfired, when the Smorps used their magic to turn her into the large and disgusting Smorp Queen.


Jak Vorpal, Foon's former Greatest Swordsman wiped out nearly the entire race of Smorps (sparing only the Smorplings) on a mission for Good Queen Elsinore. He regrets it and has retired from adventuring.


  • Smorps have razor sharp teeth and beady eyes.
  • Most Smorps wear white pants, but their leader, Father Smorp, wear's red clothing, stained with the blood of Smorp enemies.
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