The Smouldering Widow

The Smouldering Widow is another tavern in Hogsface. It is a 4am pub, so it is less reputable place than The Vermilion Minotaur, with all sorts of despicable people and dark dealings going on. However, it has an excellent buffet. It can be found down the crooked lane; if you see two grey horses you have gone too far.

The Smouldering Widow is owned and operated by McLeroy Brothers (played by the McElroy Brothers), and their aged father, who have sponsored the podcast. According to their commercial, the tavern has imp-tearing competitions, and if you find a toe in your drink, it's free. And bards are not welcome.1

The upstairs of the Smouldering Widow includes a performance space, where a a series of bats gave a preview of its 9 Bat show.

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