The Von Pierres
The Von Pierres
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Chunt for Red October"
Played by Jeff Murdoch (Chip), Jo Scott (Bippy)
Name Chip and Bippy Von Pierre
Species Vampire
Occupation Idle rich

Chip and Bippy Von Pierre, also known as the Von Pierres, are in the top 1% wealthiest vampires in Foon. They do not feed on human blood, as it is considered too boorish for theirs. Sadly, they cannot afford to purchase blood to survive as it would take away from their considerable wealth. They also do not have the time to hunt for blood due to their various activities. They cannot bear children.


Chip was turned into a vampire as a baby by the doctor who delivered him, and in fact still looks like a giant baby.

Chip has killed three people:

  • Knocked an old man down and broke his neck; he rushed him to the hospital but he died
  • Accidentally landed on a young child and bounced off him. The child lived, but died 15 years later of a bad heart, and Chip counts this as a kill
  • Knocked over a thief while riding a horse at night, when Bippy showed up and they eviscerated him together.

He always carries a wooden stake with him wrapped around his neck by his heart. He does this to "confront death", as he believes you must always be close to death. He also wears it as a fetish. He has not taken good care of his fangs over the years and requires Bippy's assistance to feed in a timely manner, otherwise he must lick a hole in his victims' neck, which usually takes days.

Chip is somewhat clumsy when climbing in trees. He has once been summoned to Night Court for spray painting the graffiti "EAT MY BUTT" in blood.

Chip von Pierre is played by Jeff Murdoch.


Bippy was turned into a vampire by her father. She has murdered countless people.

Bippy von Pierre is played by Jo Scott.

Favorite Activities


  • Nice yachting
  • Wine tasting
  • Croquet
  • Kite making
  • Kite flying
  • Badminton


The Von Pierres are very active in the hobby of swinging (having sexual relations outside the established couple). Chip enjoys being cuckolded, and Bippy has had several dalliances, and while vampires "never kiss and tell", she has had relations with Usidore. They often have gatherings called "key parties", where you put your name on a skeleton key and put it into a bowl. Attendees then pair off by drawing names from the bowl. If someone draws their own name, however, they will burst into flames.


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