Theater Of Foon

Foon has a proud dramatic tradition.

Foonish Plays

  • Danlet, considered Foon's greatest play, is the story of a young boy, Danlet, whose aunt is a hunger ghost and eats Danlet's mother.
  • I Have A Noble Cock, a children's play about a farmer who discovers that his chicken is a king1
  • The Birds
  • Automaton Constable, a favorite of Usidore the Blue's, it tells the story of a clockwork sheriff
  • Romeon & Julioff, the story of a rowboat rower, his lover, their hot & cold relationship, and a tiger
  • Farts2
  • Cloven Hoof, Cloven Heart, an original production by playwright Dustin Hoofman3
  • A Series of Bats, a one man/nine bat show performed by a Series of Bats
  • The Childish Cloud
  • The Ghost of King Foolad
  • Here Comes Foolad4

The Five Bees

Traditionally to become an actor one first must apprentice for a time. Once ready to join the profession officially, you must endure the Five Bees, wherein the actor inserts their hand into a jar of five bees, and hopes to survive.

Actors & Playwrights of Note


A Tosser is the highest award given in Foon for acting. The award is so named because it awards the actor that can best toss off their own identity and assume that of another.

Tossers are a yearly event. The awards have received a lot of criticism for being dominated by Wights.7

Arnie's second year in Foon the Tossers were held in the Northeast, with host Titania Belaroth.

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