Ti Gor
Ti Gor
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 36 - Tiger and Whale"
Played by Kevin Sciretta
Name Ti Gor
Species Tiger
Occupation Hero, Bouncer
Affiliation Strong Guy

Ti Gor is giant tiger hero who resides on Strong Guy Island.

Ti Gor was played by Kevin Sciretta.


Ti-Gor is very into working out and is employed as a tavern bouncer. He is often arm wrestling with his friend and co-worker Oarkahh. Burgundy,

He is a part-time blacksmith, and wears cauldrons as pauldrons. He has poor vision but does not like wearing his glasses.

His nemesis Dr. Dogtor.


Ti-Gor and Oarkahh met while both questing for the same jewel. They are often asked to participate in quests by and alongside Strong Guy.

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