Tiffany Scampi
Tiffany Scampi
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 12 - Treasure Hunters
Played by Aubrey Edwards
Name Tiffany Scampi
Occupation Former Mittens Referee, Treasure Hunter, Adventurer

Tiffany Scampi is a treasure hunter that comes to Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore with some strange trinkets.

Tiffany is a fairly straight laced individual and has a low patience for things that bother her. Tiffany was originally a Mittens referee. Although she enjoyed the game, the rules get too meddling. The final straw was when when she was hit with a metal chair during the open season portion of the game, blinding her in her eye. She then joined Coral Loft in her adventures.

She is a fan of Hello from the Magic Tavern as she has heard it from the birds. About 4 years ago, Coral and Tiffany met Chunt and befriended him. He calls upon Coral and Tiffany to bully Usidore, which was ill timed as he was "dying" in two weeks. During her time on the podcast, she had her eye, later eyes, magically fixed by Usidore.

Tiffany Scampi is played by Aubrey Edwards.



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