Titania Belaroth
Queen Titania Belaroth
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Name Titania Belaroth
Species Humanish
Occupation Queen

Titania Belaroth is the queen of the Northeast Kingdom. Besides being royalty, she is best known for her beauty, so great that it is said angels wept when she was born, and the three most attractive women in Foon committed suicide at her christening.

Titania beauty is pronounced specifically in the…bosom…area. (Her daughter Trachea-Aurelia resents not inheriting these assets.) It has been said that Titania has "run the spectrum" of sexual experiences, from dragon slayers to gatekeepers to goblin tamers. This includes a dalliance with Spintax the Green, who now lives in a multifaceted gem that she wears as a necklace.

Festival of the Satiated Hippogriff

Her temper is well-known as well. She hosts the Festival of the Satiated Hippogriff in order to find new consorts, and upon learning of a visitor from another world sent her eunuch Benedict Whisperbrew to fetch Arnie for the festivities. When Benedict failed to return to the court with Arnie, she went into an orgiastic rage that crumpled every living organism in the area into a heap after seven hours.

Usidore is able to conjure various images of Titania from goat's blood to show Arnie what she looks like. Some of these images are somewhat compromising.

Acts as Queen

She commissioned an expedition by Cpt. Louis A. Shark to fill in the missing corners of the maps of Foon.1

She hosted the Tosser awards Arnie's second year in Foon when they were held in the Northeast.



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