Tom Moonchild
Tom Moonchild
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Earth Games Season 1, Ep 7 - "Werewolf"
Played by Casey Toney
Name Tom Moonchild
Nickname(s) Tom Moonchild
Species witch/werewolf
Occupation witch

Tom Moonchild is a witch.

He famously made that baby dance. When the spell went viral the dancing sickness killed 40 thousand people.

Three hundred years ago, Tom had a very sexual experience with a werewolf at the Lamas Festival. Every year on the anniversary of the festival he seeks a werewolf lover hoping it will again be his first one, whose identity he never learned.

He came to Vermilion Minotaur following the whispers of the wind, who told him a werewolf would be revealed, on the very night Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore played a game of Werewolf. He joins the game along with Traach, Aster*isk, & Gragullio the Bad King. In the course of the game it is revealed he is also an actual werewolf.

Tom Moonchild is played by Casey Toney


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