Tomblain Belaroth

Prince of the Northeast Kingdom and heir to the throne. Tomblain has run away from his family and his whereabouts are currently unknown to them.

He has joined up with a theater troupe called The Cockticklers, with whom he travels from town to town performing family-friendly plays as well as Murder Plays.

He ran away from home because he fell in love with a milkmaid named Rhiannon.

He is currently in Shrike by posing as Hank, a guard at the Dark Palace, spying on the Dark Lord.

Usidore claims that when his father dies, he must go to the cave near the castle and do the Bat Dance, otherwise all hell will break loose on Foon.

Tom is played by Steve Waltien.


Known Aliases

  • Tom the Traveler - an alias he assumed when on the road with the Cockticklers to hide from his royal family
  • Grumblewald Shimbershwitz - an alias Tom has taken to spy on Baron Ragoon in the Shrike Valley to gather information on the Dark Lord
  • D'Angelo Capricious - another alias Tom has taken on to spy in the Shrike Valley
  • Hank - a third alias Tom has taken for his spying mission in Shrike
  • Last time we heard from Tom, he was planning to kill the Baroness of Shrike, disguise himself as her, and marry the Baron

Episode Appearances

2 Tom the Traveler
21 No Arnie
53 Tom the Nominee
95 Tom the Spy

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