Tomblain Belaroth
Tomblain Belaroth
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Tomblain Belaroth
Alice Corn and a Series of Bats in "Gettin' Nuts"
First appearance "Tom the Traveler"
Played by Steve Waltien
Name Tomblain Belaroth
Nickname(s) Tom
Species Humanish
Occupation Crown prince, actor, spy, author, driver
Affiliation Northeast Kingdom, The Cockticklers

Prince Tomblain Belaroth is the heir to the throne of the Northeast Kingdom. Tomblain has run away from his family and his whereabouts are currently unknown to them.

Tomblain is played by Steve Waltien.


Tomblain was born in Northeastia, capital of the Northeast, and grew up in the court of his father Albain and mother Titania. The currency of the Northeast features an image of him, age 9, breastfeeding with his mother.1 He had a younger sister, Trachea-Aurelia, with whom he did not get along with, and who believes herself more fit for the throne than him.

Reaching adulthood he fell in love with a milkmaid named Rhiannon, but was forbidden by his father and mother to marry one of such a lowly station. In rebellion, he fled the kingdom.
After leaving the Northeast, Tomblain joined up with a theater troupe called The Cockticklers, with whom he traveled from town to town performing family-friendly plays as well as Murder Plays.


Known Aliases

  • Tom the Traveler - an alias he assumed when on the road with the Cockticklers to hide from his royal family
  • Grumblewald Shimbershwitz - an alias Tom has taken to spy on Baron Ragoon in the Shrike Valley to gather information on the Dark Lord (who the Baron Ragoon makes the Chief of his Dragoon Platoon)
  • D'Angelo Capricious - another alias Tom has taken on to spy in the Shrike Valley (who the Baron Ragoon believes is his falconer), who the Baron employs as a falconer
  • Hank - a third alias Tom has taken for his spying mission in Shrike (who the Baron believes is one of his many bastards)
  • Lady Eliza Parts - a peasant woman from a ranch in the Hidden Valley, made a Lady by the Baron of Shrike
  • a series of 9 Brechtian bats, now totaling 26 at last count
  • Krefnan, a carriage driver


  • Steve Waltien discusses his first appearances of playing Tomblain in Behind the Tavern: Season 1, Ep 2 - "Steve Waltien"


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