Tormaline Dragon Teen
Tormaline Dragon Teen
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 7 - Tormaline Dragon Teen
Played by Zach Reino
Name Tormaline
Nickname(s) Tormaline Dragon Teen
Species Dragon
Occupation The Guard of the Basement

Tormaline, Dragon Teen, is a 1,600 year old dragon from the top of a mountain looking for a hoard of her own. She answers Arnie's ad for extra to imprison the Dark Lord

Tormaline has typical dragon like features, like 30 feet wing span and claws. In her non-dragon form, Tormaline has a more humanoid appearance and looks rather young. While eating, she will maintain more dragon-like traits. She can dictate her appearance like having flame embellishments and put on a glamour. She also has a smoke vapor that follows her and red eyes.

She is obsessed with maintaining and growing a hoard with anything valuable. Tormaline would have been happy to take over her father's hoard, but was kicked out before she could kill him for it. She maintains she'll go after him at some point for his treasure. This attitude extends to all other dragons Tormaline would encounter. She is more interested in establishing herself than having relationships.

As a teen, Tormaline behaves rather cocky and has a slight standoffish attitude, but understands her worth. She does not have the best understanding for smaller objects and human treasures as they are typically not dragon sized. She is also merciless when it comes to destruction.

Some powers that Tormaline has are:

  • able to sense "bad" aura
  • dragon breath/breathes fire
  • can cast a "dome" of silence (cone/dodecahedron, etc.)
  • Telepathy
  • sees through walls

It is not clear if all Dragons have these powers.

Tormaline is played by Zach Reino.



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