Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance: "Homesick"
Portrayed by: Kate James
Name: Tricia
Species: Clone
Occupation: Intern
Affiliation: Space Bunker Zeta

Tricia is the name given to a series of clones that have worked in the Space Bunker with the Mysterious Man. Tricia-8049 first appeared in episode 10; Tricia-8050 first appeared in the post-credits of episode 74, and returned under the guise of the new Tricia-8051 in the post-credits of season 2, episode 49 and recruited Craig to help her unlock the secrets of the space bunker, find out who the Mysterious Man really is, and then kill him (again, this time for real; and maybe blow up the space bunker).

Tricia won the internship position in a competition as she murdered her only competitor for the position, Lucy, who had a perfect smile. This got things off to a rocky start with the Mysterious Man. She also illegally went into the purple room and adjusted the red dial by "falling" into it. She later escaped the bunker by stealing an escape pod and firing its weapons (lasers, guns, and everything that can possibly hurt you, with the emotional component dial turned all the way up) at the Mysterious Man.

After her escape she encountered Kern in Gresforn Galaxy. She and Kern are now engaged in an awkward, potentially romantic relationship.


At Space Bunker High Command, Dr. Zedore discovered that Sarah's obsidian arm was a gravity well, and by using a particle accelerator to meld together all the dead Tricia clones into one giant Tricia, they were able to use that organic mass as a bridge to the charged gravity well to seal and destroy the Void as Tricia herself delivered the final blow. Afterwards Tricia was awarded a new assignment on Space Bunker Omega..


Tricia is played by Kate James.


Tricia is on many episodes, including:

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