Trinkle the Sorcerer
Trinkle the Sorcerer
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Sorcerer"
Played by Mike Hanford
Name Trinkle the Sorcerer
Species Humanish
Occupation Sorcerer
Affiliation Velsmeer

Trinkle is a sorcerer, known as Trinkle the Tiger or sometimes Terry the Striped (the latter being his actual name). In true sorcerer fashion he has chosen Tigers as his animal familiar, but his favorite animal is in fact frogs. He originally intended to be a frog farmer but upon hearing that Velsmeer was joining in the war against the Dark Lord decided instead to enlist. He is new to sorcery, having taught himself spells from a book, and can only manage ~10 spells a month and mumbles spells to himself to hopefully shoot something out of his hands. He is on the look out for any other spells and writes down those he overhears from Usidore. He can also fly, during which time he is invincible.

His family name is Hoon. Trinkle has a sister, Melissa, whose shoes are a size larger than his and owns a coffee cart. His parents are Linda (a garden store owner) and Chevy (a cart-wheel salesman). He has a deceased brother, Chevy Jr., who was the one originally interested in sorcery before he fell on a stalagmite while getting the spell book for him.


Trinkle the Sorcerer is played by Mike Hanford.


  • Season 3, Ep 9 — "Sorcerer (w/ Mike Hanford of Questions For Lennon)"
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