Trolls are magical creatures native to Foon. They are large &, according to Trolls themselves, look like toes. They also produce a lot of slobber. There are many different titles that trolls can earn.

Troll Titles

  • Bridge Trolls prevent travelers from crossing bridges until they have answered a riddle.
  • Cave Trolls, a very cushy job that involves living inside a cave
  • Box Trolls, a box of trolls; a lot of work goes into the box, producing only decent results
  • Tree Trolls, mostly inconvenient, they will loosen your cart wheels and waste your time pretending to be the tree they live in
  • Spider Trolls
  • Party Trolls, that leap out into a party when everyone is having the most fun and tell a very sad story
  • Naked Rainbow Trolls, naked trolls that dye their hair rainbow colors and shriek at people; this is the most coveted position a troll can obtain

Notable Trolls

  • Chan, a four-eyed troll1
  • Clovis, a bridge troll that currently works and lives under the Ashit Bridge
  • Craig Davis, who has been both blessed and cursed with special abilities
  • Glenn Miller, a half-troll bard
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