There is another Usidore the Blue (aka Usidore the Casual, aka Twosidore) who is more casual than the other Usidore.

He is "also known as Jennifer Love Hewitt; in the South I'm made of bees; in the Northeast I'm known as Caillou…" ("In the South" meaning his "junk" is all bees.)

Twosidore is polyamourous. His wife's name is Madeline. He met her at a tobacco smoking party.

Chunt and Twosidore said they have a new podcast called Gettin' Butts where they collect butts.

Twosidore is played by Adal Rifai.


  • He wears a toupee.
  • When he casts the spell "geliev lichtn kamer," he says it with a dialect.
  • He is very relaxed about how to say his name and says it doesn't have to be exact.
  • Usidore says he is not a wizard.

Episode Appearances

Season 2, Ep 19 – Momo
Season 2, Ep 20 – King Krom
Season 2, Ep 21 – Gnome
Season 2 Ep 26 - A Short One

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