Usidore's Fetching Quests!: Season 1, Ep 1 - Elven Queen
Elven Queen
Usidore's Fetching Quests! episode
Offices & Bosses
Air date October 8, 2020
Episode no. Season 1, Ep 1
Episode Link
Hosts Usidore, Grimhoof
Guests Q’ueen Phinarae’ll L’ady of the Satur’neth F’orest
Producer(s) Matt Young, Kimmie Lucas
Editor Chris Rathjen
Post-Production Coordination Garrett Schultz
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban
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"Working Sphinx"

"Elven Queen" is the first episode of the Usidore's Fetching Quests! miniseries. It was originally released on October 8, 2020. This miniseries takes place sometime during season three of the main podcast.


A mystical elven queen charges Usidore and his trusty steed and friend, Grimhoof, with a quest to achieve unknown power.


Arnie, Chunt, & have just completed an interview with a unicorn and while the interview went well Chunt & Usidore are worried Arnie's constant gum-chewing may have made the episode unlistenable. Usidore announces he has magically created another copy of Arnie's laptop and recording equipment, which he has dubbed the Durian. He is also departing for a week of investigating possible advantages in the fight against evil. As Usidore departs Chunt informs him that he overhead someone looking for Usidore at the bar.

At the bar he first encounters his old friend and Foon's fifth fastest horse, Grimhoof, but it is not Grimhoof who was searching for him. Instead the two are telepathically called by the Elven Q’ueen Phinarae’ll, L’ady of the Satur’neth F’orest, to join her at a table to discuss a matter of grave import. Q’ueen Phinarae’ll grants Usidore and Grimhoof visions of embarking on a quest together, and explains she needs them to fetch five magical artifacts for her within a weeks time. She gifts them a mystical amulet that will guide them to the artifacts, and tells them their reward will be "universal power and respect." The two agree to return to hill outside the Bloated Rabbit, and embark to gather the artifacts.

Space bunker

Onboard Space Bunker Epsilon Craig & PV3 get into a debate over which of them is more suited to leadership. They decide to ask the bunker computer, who selects PV3. Craig presses the computer to recalculate.


Craig explains that because of the current orbit of Space Bunker Epsilon, they'll only be receiving a transmission from Usidore's Durian once a week, even though Usidore will be recording once a day.

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