Usidore's Fetching Quests!: Season 1, Ep 4 - Lake Lady
Lake Lady
Usidore's Fetching Quests! episode
Offices & Bosses
Air date October 28, 2020
Episode no. Season 1, Ep 4
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Hosts Usidore, Grimhoof
Guests Jan, the Lady of the Puddle
Producer(s) Matt Young, Kimmie Lucas
Editor Anna Havermann
Post-Production Coordination Garrett Schultz
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban
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"Orc Wanderer" "Milkmaiden"

"Lake Lady" is the fourth episode of the Usidore's Fetching Quests! miniseries. It was originally released on October 28, 2020.


Usidore and Grimhoof meet a Lady of the Lake who has relocated.


While discussing what glories and honors they hope to achieve from this quest, Usidore & Grimhoof are overhead by Jan Lake, who invites them into her puddle. After casting a spell so that they can breath, the two jump in to her home, which is also herself, as she is a being of living water.

They discuss Jan's time as a Real Estate agent, when she worked near the Lake, and her transition to Fake Estate. They then turn to the question of her magical artifact. She does in fact have a vessel of smart water that adventurers have sought. She makes Usidore and Grimhoof chose between three vessels to find the correct one, but gives them assistance since their failure would cause them to melt, and she wishes to avoid adventurer flesh floating in her house for months.

Usidore & Grimhoof perform a quick test to confirm she will not dissapate to normal, inanimate water once they take the smart water she was protecting, and then say their good-byes. Usidore leaves a stone she wish upon if she ever does desire to be normal water again, along with complicated instructions for scheduling the wish. As he leaves he takes a big drink of one of the decoy goblets and melts off his face.

Space bunker

Bunko & PV3 each try to convince Craig that the other cannot be trusted, but Craig insist they come to a rapport. Instead, Bunko reveals to PV3 in a private conversation that it covets his mind, which Bunko perceives is (like Craig's) mirrored from a single organic mind, while Bunko's artificial intelligence is the gestalt product of many mind generated by the intergalactic RoboCorp corporation.

New Characters

Jennifer Anistone a prehistoric actress

Earth References

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Family Ties
The Facts of Life
One Day at a Time
Kool-Aid Man

Behind the Scenes

Brooke Breit explained on Season 1, Ep 3 of Behind the Tavern that a Lady of the Lake was one of her original character ideas when first appearing on HftMT, though she ultimately decided to play a depressive Flower.

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