Usidore's Fetching Quests!: Season 1, Ep 2 - Working Sphinx
Working Sphinx
Usidore's Fetching Quests! episode
Offices & Bosses
Air date October 14, 2020
Episode no. Season 1, Ep 2
Episode Link
Hosts Usidore, Grimhoof
Guests Akanak’shah the Sphinx
Producer(s) Matt Young, Kimmie Lucas
Editor Tim Joyce
Post-Production Coordination Garrett Schultz
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban
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"Elven Queen" "Orc Wanderer"

"Working Sphinx" is the second episode of the Usidore's Fetching Quests! miniseries. It was originally released on October 14, 2020.


With only one week before they must return with the five items, Usidore and Grimhoof encounter a Sphinx with tricky riddles.


The amulet has led Usidore & Grimhoof to a desert oasis where they enter the cafe A Love Bizarre, and meet the proprietor Akanak’shah the Sphinx.

They explain their quest and Akanak’shah brings forth a golden tea kettle encrusted with emeralds, which Akanak’shah had suspected was magical due to the deliciousness of any tea it produced. Akanak’shah is willing to part with it, even though it is the only thing keeping her cafe in business, but per the sphinx code, Usidore & Grimhoof must solve a riddle. If they cannot solve the riddle, they will be eaten.

Akanak'shah botches the delivery of several riddles and worries her lack of practice has dulled her ability to rhyme extemporaneously. Finally she delivers a riddle passably enough, which Usidore & Grimhoof fail to solve. As she prepares to devour the two, Grimhoof begins to produce rhymes in syncopation with his hoof beats. Responding to the rhythm, Akanak’shah is able to rhyme again alongside the beat. Thrilled to have her groove back, Akanak’shah decides to spare their lives, but cannot give them the tea kettle since they failed at the riddle.

However, Usidore has a magic a tea kettle of his own (encrusted with rubies) which he offers in exchange for the one they are seeking. Sphinxes love trades as much as riddles, and an exchange is made. Usidore & Grimhoof depart, with their first item and a journal Akanak’shah made for sale with inspirational quotes inside.

Space bunker

Craig is convinced the reason the bunker computer "erroneously" selected PV3 as the more capable of leader than himself was its lack of personality, and is upgrading the computer core with a RoboCorp personality chip to correct its limitation. After the modifications, the computer, which requests it be addressed as "Bunko", agrees that Craig should be the leader.


  • Usidore wonders about the fate of Open Mic, the inside-outer.
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