Prince Vantis
Prince Vantis
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 59 - Sleeping Prince"
Played by Jason Mantzoukas
Name Carne Vantis, Prince of the Red Desert
Nickname(s) Prince Vantis, Sweet Prince Vantis, SPV
Species Human
Occupation Prince

"Sweet" Prince Carne Vantis was a prince of the Red Desert whose quest for true love and subsequent disappearance became legend. Unknown to the world, he was cursed to sleep for a hundred years in Castle Skullmaster.

Prince Vantis was played by Jason Mantzouka.


When first introduced, he is sleeping with his eyes open, snoring, with coins over his eyes. Since he was asleep for a hundred years, his hygiene is poor, peeking and shitting in his bed while sleeping. He also is noted to have a beard and numerous bed sores. He keeps is blade on him always and prone to violence. Luckily, he is able to talk to ghost to interrogate them for information. He is not a fan of "bird stories", preferring ASMRobins and NPR. Prince Vantis prefers women with lamb cake hats.


His bethroth, Karen McManus, was taken from him by the King of Velsmere, then by Skullmaster. He had learned all of this from his best friend, Don Robertson, who has been a known truth teller. He set out to recue his betroth, killing many in his way.

The two met at an oasis within the Red Desert, where Prince Vantis first catches eye of her friend, Brittney, who was searching for her friend. During their quest to look for Karen, Brittney was killed by Prince Vantis's blade.

Prince Vantis is a heroic legend. Both Usidore and Chunt have heard the stories that lead him to Castle Skull Master, the fate of the Red Desert, and his betroth. His stories a written in plays and stories.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Prince Vantis was found in a room barricaded behind an old, boarded-up door. During Chunt's exploration in between podcast episodes, he found the room at the top of ten steps and brought Arnie and Usidore to check it out. When the open up the room, they found Prince Vantis sleeping in the dusty room. He woke up on his own, confused and threatened by the group, thinking they are part of Skullmaster's employ. He forces the group to literally taste his blade for they could introduce themselves. It was then that Prince Vantis announces his vow to kill Skullmaster, swears to kill him first, and finds out he has been asleep for a hundred years.

He tells the group about his history and the group exchanges information of the tales told about him. Prince Vantis learns the fate of the Red Deserts and what has happened to Foon while he was asleep. For the Red Desert, the whole desert has been blown away, shortly after Prince Vantis was put to sleep. There is currently a memorial sand box with the remaining sand. As for Karen McManus, she married his best friend, Don Robertson. Prince Vantis is in disbelief, as they had made a promise to each other. He kept a lock of her hair as a reminder, then asks the group to each eat a strand, which Chunt suggests to the group that Prince Vantis may have yanked it off her her head. The odd action makes Chunt and Arnie believe that Prince Vantis is either a) sleep crazy or b) still sleeping.

To settle all of this, they all go to the danger room to figure out exactly what happened in his past. It seems that Prince Vantis just may be crazy and Karen McManus is still alive; she is the old granny that the crew saw earlier. To protect her, Arnie and Chunt lock Usidore and Prince Vantis in the Danger Room, hoping that Usidore will use his magic to get out of there, but instead joins Vantis in the imaginary scenarios produced by the room.

Usidore eventually departs, leaving Vantis trapped until he can convince the constructs of the Danger Room to release him. He leaves Castle Skullmaster, travels to the past site of the Red Desert, and gathers all the remaining red sand to fill an hourglass, which he wears around his neck. Nine months after waking and encountering Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore, he meets them again in Northeastia at the casino The Rooster’s Left Foot, where he has put himself forward as a contender to be king. After verbally sparring with Tomblain Belaroth, Vantis endorses Tom, in exchange for a promise that when Tom is king, Vantis will be made the First Knight of the Northeast.

  • Despite being asleep when Arnie first arrived in Foon, he has heard of TV shows, shows that were even created while Arnie was in Foon, so Arnie would not have even heard of them.


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