Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Name Verterrilax
Nickname(s) Verterrilax the Consumer
Species Dragon
Occupation Protector of the Emerald Forest

Verterrilax is a listener who wrote into the podcast claiming (perhaps truthfully, perhaps not) to be a dragon from Foon living in exile on Earth, in the pacific northwest. He has a thrall named Kevin, and a twitter account @Verterrilax.

Verterrilax states he was forced through a magical portal by a wizard at the Battle of Havers Dwell, which Usidore confirms was indeed a terrible battle.1

However, when their plan to defeat the Void requires showing proof of magic on Earth, neither Usidore nor Spintax the Green are confident enough of Verterrilax's story to allow Arnie use the portal home(where he would prove magic by finding Verterrilax), and instead insist that Spintax go himself.2

Verterrilax Wakes

While searching for hidden weapons in the Vermilion Minotaur Arnie Chunt & Usidore discover a numeric keypad behind a painting of Darby Barleyfoot that is labeled "Verterrilax Wakes".3

Several listeners figure out that a tweet from @Verterrilax about waking from a long nap provides the code for the keypad, revealing magical Knife of Etoilis, which Usidore believes might be instrumental in defeating the void. If they are successful in their efforts to #philthevoid the knife can be used to cut to the center. However this plan does not come to pass.4

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