Vredla the Mindhunter
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 2 – Mind Games
Played by Beth May
Name Vredla
Species Chameleon
Occupation Mindhunter

Vredla, is a 5' 6", 134 lb chameleon who buys sells memories and emotions in vials in Nibblebottom. Vredla is openly affectionate to her business partner, Mentis. Her interests also include hearing the gossip around town, but when it comes to notes, she is known to write "hot chameleon" repeatedly. It is later revealed that she has been stealing the memories of Mentis to get him to fall in love with her as well as using her own emotions to make him and another patron at The Strange Familiar to have a threesome with. Vredla is a member of the Perverts' Union.

Vredla is played by Beth May.



  • Season 4, Ep 2 — "Mind Games" (w/ Beth May & Anthony Burch from Dungeons & Daddies)
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