Weewoo the Modron
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Modron"
Played by Chris Perkins
Name Weewoo
Species Modron
Occupation Unknown

Weewoo is a Modron: a part-flesh, part-metal construct from the plane of Mechanis (also known as Nirvana). Weewoo has a spherical body with spindly legs and arms, and wings.

Weewoo left the plane of Mechanis because it was a dull place of clockwork predictability. Modrons travel in just one direction. (They have no idea what "left" is.)

Weewoo specifically is a Monodron, the lowest caste of the Modrons, and was given a single unimportant task of menial labor: plugging and unplugging things.

All Modrons are created by Primus, the One and the Prime, the supreme being that resides on the plane and gives them form. When a Modron of higher station is destroyed or lost, a Modron of lower status will be elevated to take its place.

After Usidore enhanced Weewoo's brain, it adopted the suggested name of "Samantha Algernon." By the end of the episode, Weewoo was back to its original unenhanced state.

Weewoo the Modron is played by Chris Perkins.


  • Weewoo has a simple vocabulary, often repeating words it hears, but most often it says "Weewoo" and "order."
  • Weewoo occasionally expels egg-like droppings.


  • Season 2, Ep 93 — "Modron (w/ Chris Perkins of Wizards of the Coast)"
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