Wheel Bear
Wheel Bear
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Wheel Bear"
Played by Farrell Walsh
Name Wheel Bear
Species Bear
Occupation Law enforcement

Wheel Bear is a bear with two wheels in front which he pushes with his back legs. He started out as a fellow guard with Chunt when The Dark Lord took over Hogsface but is now deputy to Sheriff Chunt.

Wheel Bear is currently investigating a few cases, including who's been popping kids' balls (he doesn't know it was Chunt) and the possible death of Blemish. He can smell when someone thinks they are lying. He can enter the Bear State when deep in thought.

He was born with human feet, and his claws were removed and replaced by wheels by his mother Diane when she caught him clawing at a tree. She gave him the name "Wheel Bear" and disappeared one day but when Wheel Bear tried to follow her trail he was foiled by a set of stairs leading up to a temple. He has a wife, Bearverly, and a daughter, Bearbra. He wears a red shirt and no pants.

Wheel Bear and Cockroach Clown were eaten by Evil Tannakin the Pinglet while working as ushers at Chunt's wedding to Twosidore.

Wheel Bear is voiced by Farrell Walsh.


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