Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Unicorn"
Played by Peter Sagal
Name Windsprinkle
Species Unicorn
Occupation Assurance salesman

Windsprinkle is a unicorn.

Like many unicorns, he is in the life "assurance" business, where for regular payments he will assure you that your legs won't get broken with a unicorn horn.

He feels very burdened by societal expectations towards unicorns. He does not like having his hair stolen for magic spells, and is annoyed by the long-standing misunderstanding that virgins have power over unicorns. In fact raisins have power over unicorns, but Windsprinkle has a 12-step program to keep his raisin addiction under control. He is Jewish.

Windsprinkle is portrayed by Peter Sagal.


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