Winifred Weatherwere
Winifred Weatherwere
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Staff Dinner"
Played by Sarah Mobley.
Name Winifred Weatherwere
Nickname(s) Winnie
Species Werewolf
Occupation Librarian’s Assistant
Affiliation Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards

Winifred Weatherwere is an Assistant Librarian at the Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards.

Winifred works in the library at Jizzlenob, shelving books and assisting students, under the direction of the Head Librarian, a wooden statue that communicates to her telepathically. She has memorized the name and location of every book.

She is also a werewolf, though she prefers the term skin-shifter, and is distressed by the lack of control she displays when the moon is full. She offers counseling and mentoring to students who afflicted with similar conditions.

Winnifred has a generally meek demeanor.

Winifred Weatherwere is played by Sarah Mobley.


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