Wizards are powerful magical beings native to Foon. They are created by various natural forces when they are needed in the land of Foon. They will assume different names in different areas or cultures in order to make it easier for people to remember and pronounce. They go by very long titles, as they like to list their major aliases and record their major accomplishments. They can all assume different forms, have "sight beyond sight", and can enter what is known as the "wizard state".

There are many kinds of wizards, each one with a different color. There is at most one wizard of each color at any given time until one is destroyed or returned to the Realms of Ephysiyies. Each color derives their power from a different source, usually two contradictory forces. However, the color is not an indicator of relative strength or rank. Each wizard is also associated with one or more of the Realms of Ephysiyies, where they existed(in some state) before being summoned into physical being on Foon.

Known Wizards

Color Source of Power Current Wizard
Blue Light and Shadow Usidore
Green Truth and Lies Spintax
Yellow Space and Time Can
White Life and Death Telephys
Brown Sense and Sensibility Blorth
Mauve Feast and Famine Jamillious
Red Nature and Nurture Jyn'Leeviyah
Orange ? Gormpelious
Clear ? Rolltide
Ecru ? Eunice
Purple ? Samanja
? Ice and Fire ?
Teal ? Timtam
Black ? The Dark Lord

Former Wizards

The first wizard of Foon was Fonananoo, a grandchild of the Goddesses. They were the wizard of Everything & Nothing. As more wizards appeared powers were delegated more evenly.1

According to Usidore, Sliddindors was the Yellow Wizard after Can, the current Yellow Wizard. Since the Yellow Wizard is the Master of Space and Time, this is entirely possible, assuming Usidore did not misspeak.2


Wizards should not be confused with magicians, mages, witches, conjurers, or anyone else who learns magic instead of being born with it. Wizards will insist that they are more powerful than any of these people.


One way of doing magic seems to be speaking spells aloud, and even the untrained can cast simple spells. Spells are shared by writing runes in books and scrolls, and in order to cast them, you must not only know how to read the runes, but interpret them as well. Magic that manipulates things that already exist is much easier than creating things out of nothing (this is Morklor's Law of Appearances).

Wizard State

When a wizard experiences a great amount of focus and/or stress (especially if they are crunched for time), they may go into the wizard state, in which they will be unable to hear the world around them. Despite the name, magical beings who are not wizards can also enter this state as well. It is unclear what the benefit of this is, if there is any.

Wizard Zone

This is a different form of concentration when the wizard has their mind set on a single goal. This differs from the Wizard State in that wizards can hear the outside world and remain cognizant of what they say and do.

Powerful Magic Seething

Occasionally, channelling so much powerful magic through their bodies causes wizards to experience Powerful Magic Seething, a state where they become irritable and enraged.


A magical battle between wizards is known as a "wizard fight", or "wi-fi" for short (not to be confused with a "witches' fight" by the same name).

Physical Characteristics

Most wizards are created full formed in their adult bodies, and do not age. They are outwardly human by appearance but are very durable and difficult to kill. According to Usidore the Blue a wizard cannot be killed by stabbing, freezing, fire, or drowning. A wizard that is maimed or dismembered will regrow a missing part, though it is not always the same part that was lost. All wizards have two buttholes.


Wizards are known to undergo training to hone their magical prowess. The most famous place for wizards to train is the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. There is also The Jizzlenob Preparatory School For Young Wizards, which is a school for mages and other types of magic users despite its name, as wizards were never children.


  • Because they are immortal, wizard romances will often be drawn-out affairs involving pranks and magical trickery.
  • Wizards can and do have illegitimate children, however, none of them have gone on to do anything noteworthy.
  • Individual wizards are often referred to informally as "the Wiz".
  • Baron Ragoon mentioned that, as a child, his court had a Brown wizard named "Banjo Pop-Tart".3
  • According to Spintax, there is a wizard for every color imaginable, but not for patterned colors such as plaids, polka dots, and ginghams, for that is an abomination.4
  • Arnie has a wizard summoning stone he obtained off episode.5
  • JynLeeviyah tells our three hosts that the Wizard's Guild is comprised of herself, Jamillious the Mauve, and Eunice the Ecru.
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